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Home – Greg’s Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

Known as ‘Bowtops’, ‘Gypsy Wagons’, ‘Whoopie Wagons’, ‘Towbows’, ‘Romany Caravans’ or ‘Vardo’ (to name a few), Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops is a Bristol based company specialising in both the selling and hiring of these beautiful car towable caravans.

Hire a Gypsy bowtop wagon

Greg’s Gypsy Bowtops can be hired for both private and corporate events and are also available for ‘glamping’ accommodation at a selection of UK festivals.

  • Happy and memorable experience
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Beautiful interior and exterior

Please see hiring a Gypsy bowtop caravan for more details.

Buy a Gypsy bowtop wagon

Bespoke commissions are available upon request.

  • Easy to tow and fully manoeuverable
  • Using natural materials and built on a brand new caravan chassis
  • Appealing alternative to a conventional caravan
  • The wagons are supplied with an IVA (Individual Vehicle assessment) certificate after being tested by the DVLA.

Please see buying a Gypsy bowtop caravan for more details.

History of bowtop caravans

Historically ‘Whoopie Wagons’ became popular in the 1950‘s when increased traffic started making the roads more precarious for horse drawn travel and motor vehicles were becoming a popular mode of transport with the Romany people.

Company founder, Greg, started the business after the unprecedented interest he received in a towbow Wagon he had built for his own leisurely pursuits. Realising their was a strong shared passion for these caravans, he decided to dedicate his time and energy to building these practical and timeless wagons and in doing so, helping to keep the tradition of this rare form of travel alive.

Contact me

If you want to hire or buy a Gypsy bowtop caravan contact Greg.
Any questions happily answered.